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[01-18-2006, 2006 @ 7:15pm]
Brooke is my girlfriend and you (being any girl other than Brooke Darby) are not.

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[12-12-2005, 2005 @ 4:20pm]
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[10-04-2005, 2005 @ 1:14am]
Evil is ruling over my existence, as I realize death is much more stronger than I am...
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Stupid Bitch-Fest AND a Contest!! [09-27-2005, 2005 @ 6:00pm]
Well, so far there has been nothing but drama, drama, and fuckinnnn drama.

Alex and Amber broke up, simple enough huh? WELL, Apparently I am the one at fault for this, and apparently I made fun of Amber and was a jerk. Well, Kaylie and Louie, maybe you should fucking listen for a second. I fell asleep before all this shit. Then, you whine to Brooke about it like shes my fucking mom instead of talking to me when I called and tried to be nice and reasonable. Then Kaylie you had the nerve to start screaming and bitching on the phone which by the way if you couldnt tell from Louies voicemail set me right the fuck off. I tried talking to Louie, which he was very nice and respectable about it. All I want to do is talk to you guys without someone losing their temper and without pointing fingers.

I don't hate you, youre cool by me. I admit, I hated you like in the begining of last year but then again, we hated each other. Then that damn photo class :-p Admit it, some good times.

I don't hate you either. I joke with you, but I have a very obscure and in-sensative way of joking. I'm sorry it comes across as mean, but I mean nothing but good to you.

I don't understand why you think I'm so shady as you said. I dont know what bad vibes I fire off at you. For some reason, yourself and Louie saw fit to be mean to me and blame me for things I didnt do. That's okay, I wanted to be friends, with all of you, not just for Brooke, but for myself. I understand you hate me and that Im a douche bag according to you, but youre judging and not giving me a chance.

This dosent involve you, but if you read this for some reason, I dont want you to think I dont like you because of Kaylie. Im getting blank CDs for Everytime I Die and Between the Buried and me.

The past 3 months have been amazing, lets keep it rocking and rolling despite bullshit that comnes our way, we can work through anything. TEAM TOAST!

If anyone has a problem with me, I suggest you call me, or talk to me because I try to be nice to everyone. If I joke with you, I do it because I tihnk you can handle it, not because I dont like you.

If you feel you want to prejudge me and be a fuckhead, then dont talk to me, or about me.

If you have a problem with me, you can do one of two things...





P.S Email me (mrbazooty@aol.com) any Hate-mail or anything that shows you dont like me, I'll highlight your name, what it says and put it on my fridge.
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[07-23-2005, 2005 @ 8:33pm]
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[01-28-2005, 2005 @ 11:22pm]
[ mood | restless ]

"American Malice"

Documents passed with copper shards,
Rather than reasonable words.
Talk is cheap, but bullets are less,
Just pull the trigger, no more stress.

Why listen to their pitiful pleas,
When with the barrel, they fall to knees.
With aide by the smell of sulfur and burned up hair,
For once the definitive answer is so clear.

Leave the country or die like the rest,
They wont stop until we've been "cleansed."
Die for your sins you horrid coward,
With this gun, your flesh will be devoured.

Small dings of empties hitting the ground,
Where nothing but metal, and bones can be found.
Round by round the bodies are pumped with lead,
We're shooting still, but their already dead.

No mercy should be shown for them,
They are nothing, not even human.
That's the scum we are lead to believe,
Trust your government, trust them to deceive.

1.28.05 Johnathon Piechocki

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[01-23-2005, 2005 @ 10:19pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I figure I might as well update..perhaps a bit haha.

Friday I went to breakfast with the PPI guys, what a great final exam. Then for the first time...I was nervous about giving my speech in Communications, but I think I pulled it off pretty good.

Afterwards I went to London to pick up Ally, I got there in great time and ended up having some coffee and working on the scripts for Ronny Saves The Day remake. She showed up and looked absolutly stunning. I dont know how she does it, but everytime I see her, I get the butterflies like I did the first time. We got back and watched The Exorcist together, twas a great adventure. Ended up falling asleep together on my couch after watching The Big Lebowski and some TV.

Saturday, we went on an adventure and had fun in the snow, we drove around for a bit and decided to shovel the snow together. We got about a quarter of it done, and ended up wrestling each other in the snow and having a snow fight. Came in and ended up seeing Ronny and Joe for a little bit because of the snow. Ended up laying down in my room listening to some music. Once again we fell asleep on the couch, this time it was funny because my mom came down and put a blanket on us because she said we looked cold. :-)

Today we rested all morning together in my basement, but unfortunatly I had to drive her back to London to meet with her dad. Her family rocks so hard.

Couldnt help myself, so tonight I called her and ended up getting some great ideas for Valentines Day and some places that have good deals on flowers and chocolates and yannow. As well as confirmed what I figured Ally would like.

Shes so amazing. I am THE luckiest guy in the whole world to have her, wait, I am the most blessed guy. Luck has nothing to do with love :-) Every moment with her is so fantastic, from snow fights to keeping her warm in the cold basment, it all is so great. Without a doubt in my mind, she is the greatest girlfriend I have ever had. This weekend, was our 7 months. Seven amazing months with the greatest girl in the world whom I love so much. I couldnt have asked for much more! I'm going up there in 18 days for Valentines day, and possibly to see her on her birthday. It will then be 8 wonderful months, the longest relationship Ive ever had.

The one thing she said today, that really stuck with me and made me smile, was...

"You are the greatest boyfriend ever...any girl would kill to have a guy like you. I love you :-)"

Well, I'm sick and medicated so I best go to bed or someeeeeething yannow.


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[01-18-2005, 2005 @ 11:13am]
[ mood | calm ]

New journal layout, you all can thank Meg for helping with the creation of it. Also, you can thank the band "Fragments Of Unbecoming" for being an awesome webite with the images used to create this. Tis a rockin set up.

Ally is coming here in 3 days. The excitement is building lol. Shes greatest girlfriend yet. :-)

Vez is coming over, we are selling my Nintendo 64 and then I'm going to work while he gets his mouth drilled by an old man, or woman.

What a dirty fuck.


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[01-11-2005, 2005 @ 10:21pm]
[ mood | content ]

Havent updated in a while...

Ally is coming in 8 days, it'll rock woot woot. Then I'm going there Feb 12th. She is the greatest ever, I dont know where I would be without her sometimes. Everything with her is always better. For the past 6 months, almost 7, I have had the greatest time with her. From the lowest nights of us both, to the highest times...we've been together sticking through things instead of backing down and giving up. I am so thankful that I have been blessed with someone as amazing as her. I love you Ally, more than you would know.

Nothing else really new, just me still goin. I know, I know, I'm pretty dull.

Top 10 Songs Being Played On iPod In No Order

-Puritania by Dimmu Borgir
-The Weapon They Fear by Heavenshallburn
-Nothing Left by Cataract
-No Donnie These Men Are Nihilist by Evergreen Terrace
-Home Sweet Hell by Susperia
-Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold
-I Wish I Had An Angel by Nightwish
-Wykydtron by 3 Inches Of Blood
-Fuel For Hatred by Satyricon

And it is a fact now, I will be moving after graduation. The plan is Canada..and thats what I'm sticking with. I cant stand staying in this town, staying with some of the people. A few people make this worth it, but a lot more people just make this place scum. I'm not saying I'm perfect..fuck I'm far from it..but I think (and thats all that matters right now) that me moving will be good for me.

Suck it you asshole, you dont like me...too fuckin bad. I dont give a fuck what you think about me. Want to start shit, whoopity fuckin doo you immature fuck. Act your fuckin age, better yet...grow the fuck up. That'd be really good, stop living in the past thinking everyone gives a shit about you and your fucking attention. News Flash : You are a waste and should get on with your life and stop acting like everyone gives a fuck everytime you do something because the reality is, no one fucking cares.

Sorry everyone, frustrations had to be vented...and along with that, dont like it? Suck my cock. :-0!

Oh well, another update in...haha who fuckin knows, pry another week or two hah!


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[12-26-2004, 2004 @ 7:51pm]
[ mood | callous ]

Name - John
Birthday - March 12
Birthplace - Ohio
Current Location - Walled Lake
Eye Color - Green
Hair Color - Brown
Height - 6 foot
Righty or Lefty - Right
Zodiac sign - Picese
Innie or Outie - Innie
Your Heritage - Polish
The Shoes You Wore Today - Old shoes I found in my closet
Fears - dont know
Perfect Pizza - Papa Johns pepperoni
One thing You'd Like to Achieve - Happiness, to a degree
Style - neo-gothic/preppy
Music - Metal, Rock, Trance, Industrial
Make-up- No.
Bodyart - Soon.

| R i g h t | N o w |

Wearing - Neon green stiched pants and Satyricon Hoodie
Listening to - A Fine Day To Die by Emperor (Bathory Cover)
Thinking of - The death of my hopes and dreams.

| L a s t | t h i n g | y o u |

Bought - A Goatwhore CD
Ate and drank - Coke
Watched on TV- Home Movie of XMas when I was 6
Read - iPod case

| W h a t | i s |

First thoughts waking up - FUCK, not again... haha
First feature you notice of the opposite sex - eyes.
Best physical feature - eyes
Bedtime- when my body gives up
Greatest fear - dont know
Most missed memory - a recent few :-(

| E i t h e r | o r |

Club or houseparty - houseparty
Tea or coffee - coffee
Achiever or slacker - both
Beer or cider - beer
Drinks or shots - shots
Cats or dogs - cats, or small dogs
Single or taken - single :-(
Pen or pencil - pen
Gloves or mittens - mittens
Food or candy - food.
Cassette or cd - CD
Coke or Pepsi - Pepsi
Hard or mild alcohol - Hard Alcohol
Matches or a lighter - Lighter
Sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful - Neither both can suck it.
Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey - Dr.Phil assholes.
McDonald's or Burger King - Burger King without a doubt.
Single or Group Dates - single
Adidas or Nike - neither
Chocolate or Vanilla - Chocolate
Cappucino or coffee - Coffee
Boxers or Briefs - either

| D o | y o u |

Smoke - occasionally
Curse - fuck no.
Sing well - depends
Think you have been in love - Yes.
Want to go to college - Yes.
Like highschool - No.
Want to get married - Yea
Type with fingers on right keys - sometimes
Get motion sickness - yep
Think your attractive - on the off day maybe
Think your a health freak- occasionally
Get along with parent(s) - kinda
Like thunderstorms - anyday, time or place, they are the best.

| H a ve | you | ever |

Dated one of your best friends - Yep
Loved somebody so much it makes you cry - Yea
Drank alcohol - Yea
Done drugs - Yea
Broken the law - Yea, lots acctually :-\
Ran away from home - Tried
Broken a bone - No
Cheated on a test - Yea
Skinny dipped - Yessss
Played truth or dare - Yep
Flashed someone - hah, I just dont wear a shirt...
Mooned someone - one of the greatest things I do haha.
Kissed someone you didn't know - nah
Been on a talk/game show - No
Been in a fight - Yeaaa
Ridden in a fire truck - Yesss
Been on a plane - Yea
Come close to dying - a lot
Cheated on your boy/girlfriend - No.
Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride - Yepp
Eaten a worm/mud pie - Nope
Swam in the ocean - yep
Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up - sometimes
Played a game that required removal of clothing - Yeaaap
Been trashed or completely intoxicated - hah sometime ago
Been caught - nope
Shoplifted - Semi.

| Who | do | you | want | to |

Kill - Marco.
Hear from - Ally.
Get really wasted with - The President.
Look like - Johnny Depp
Be like - Myself?
Avoid - The Dahli Lama
Make out with - Alllly
Have sex with - Every single porn star at once.
Go out with - Ally.

| Last | person | who | and | when |

Touched - Doc, the dog.
Talked to - Dunn
Hugged - Uncle Darwin
IMed - Dunn
Kissed - Ally
Who broke your heart - Dont need to know.
You broke their heart - Dont know.

| Where | do | you |

Eat - Burger King
Dance - Random places
Cry - outside.
Wish you were - with Ally
Have the most fun at - Ally time.
Have the worst time at - home.

| What | is |

The most embarrassing CD in your collection - Down II by Down
Your bedroom like - Green.
Your favorite thing for breakfast - Cake
Your favorite thing for lunch - Wings
Your favorite thing for dinner - Steeeeeak and a baked potatoe
Your favorite restaurant - Burger King

| A r e | y o u |

A vegetarian - No
Good student - Sometimes
Good at sport - Sometimes
Good singer - Sometimes
Good actor - Id say somewhat
Deep sleeper - Nope
Good dancer - Nope
Shy - Nope
Outgoing - Yep
Good story teller - oh yes
Good girlfriend/boyfriend - Fuck I wouldnt know.

| Y o u r | f u t u r e |

Age you hope to be married - when the time comes
Numbers and Names of Children - Boy - Alexi, Girl - Jana
Describe your dream wedding - In a foreign country in a flourishing field of flowers.
Where do you want to go to college - Canada, Ryerson, York or University of Toronto.
What do you want to be when you grow up - Broadcasting.
Want to visit - Europe
When you want to retire - When I'm ready to die.

| D o | y o u | b e l i e v e | i n |

Love at first site - No
God/some higher being - Yep
True love - Yep
Living happily ever after - Its a wish

Long day, fucking long. Oh well, sick of this holiday season. Only thing to look foreward to is New Years with Ally.

Ascend with me.

[12-21-2004, 2004 @ 9:27pm]
Real men listen to Aqua.
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[12-14-2004, 2004 @ 2:56pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Praying for myself.
These thoughts I try to hide.
I have faith in me and hope this will survive.
But it's tearing me apart.
I can't hear the words by which I guide.
So I must ask again who will carry me.

I cannot deny that nothing can defend
from the helplessness that's cutting deep inside,
and I cannot prevent the thought that nothing's real.
Seems I've waited years for this day to end.

The strength I need to feel, the pride inside of me,
Are not there behind the face staring back at me.
The anger and the pain of knowing where I am.
I have come so far and I cannot return.

Nothing I can do that I have not done.
No words I can say. No truth left that I can see.
So must I let this end and everything falls apart.
Before I live my life as I have always done.

Tell me what to do so I do nothing wrong.
Something I can hope for. Something real that I can see.
So nothing falls apart. So that it does not end.
I cannot return. I can't start again.

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[11-30-2004, 2004 @ 11:22pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I liked the entry with Ally so much, that I didnt want to post again until we saw each other, but she really liked this piece and I hated it.

Leave a comment with what you tihnk, good and especially bad.


Apocolyptic, chaotic patriot blood,
being spilled, as it should.
Holy war upon holy war fought for this land,
breathing death from Uncle Sams hand.

Slaughter the weak, the innocent too,
everyone will die when we're through.
Welcome to the land of the free,
or so we would like to believe.

Honesty from the leaders is sure,
in this cleansing nation, so pure.
Lies are all I can see for this battle,
riddle them with bullets, make their bones rattle.

Pump the lead into the flesh,
spill the innocent blood like the rest.
Raise the buildings straight to hell,
remove the evidence, no one can tell.

Redeeming the nation in their demise,
killing them mercilessly, like there's a prize.
Burn the flags, rape the city,
just dont expect from me, any pity.

Ruin their lives like a good citzen should,
and act like any other American would.
Fuck their pride and ruin their lives,
steal their souls, immolate their hides.

No one left to hate for this nation,
Meaning a great divide, a seperation.
Gun to their heads, or a suicide pill,
What are we to do, with no one left to kill?

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[11-21-2004, 2004 @ 2:47pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

This was Ally weekend. I had the greatest time with her. She is so amazing, I love that girl more than anything, or anyone in this world.

Thursday - Picked her up, watched Zombie together.

Friday - I went to school, while Ally got her toes done with my mom, then we watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre together. Then we went bowling.

Saturday - Went to the Mall and Fountain Walk. Got some pizza together and went to the musical. Hung out all night until really early Sunday morning.

And today we drove her back. Theres plenty of little details im leaving out, just for my own sake on this one.

Sometimes, being callous just wont work for a guy.

Now is one of those times.

I love you Ally.

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[11-18-2004, 2004 @ 9:37am]
[ mood | excited ]

Picking up Ally today, that means...

Motherfuckers, dont call me this weekend.


I am so excited I could pee a litt...oh...too late.


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[11-16-2004, 2004 @ 6:38am]
[ mood | excited ]

Ally is coming in 2 days, 1 if you dont count the day, which needless to say I DONT!

One day!


I gotta go to school, thought I'd tell people whats goiong through my head right now.


Oh and Sass, I'm going to get a big group of people to tickle you and then, all of us will go eat Nachoes.

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[11-14-2004, 2004 @ 9:32am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

According to my count, which dosent include the exact day because technically thast THE DAY, its 3 more days till Ally comes! I am so fucking excited and I can barely contain it when I talk about it! In celebration of 3 days, I will finish this entry all ghetto-like. 4reel.

Yea, so I wuz wit Grant shootin da Chrizzlemas Carol fo a bit yesturday. It wuz da shizzle fo sho ma home boyz, or gurlz.

Todizzle James and me will be hittin up da summaset mizzall fo real.

K thats getting really stupid...

Going with James to the mall today and then im going to sit around my house like the good little girl I am.

I better get going


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[11-12-2004, 2004 @ 7:06am]
Going to Canada motherfuckers, gone for the week!

Deadset show last night was sweet.

That is all.

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[11-09-2004, 2004 @ 9:54pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Soo been about a month since I updated, havent been in the mood.

Lots has changed...me, my life, my whole damn attitude.

There is just so much shit in my life, and somehow, I have to get the preverbial shovel and get rid of it. Slowly, but surely its happening.

I wont be updating as much, if it wasnt too damn obvious haha.

Oh well, everyone go see the musical ( for Franky and James)



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[11-08-2004, 2004 @ 8:06pm]
Febuary by The Berzerker

It Is Febuary 1998,
with too many mindless bodies,
walking the face of the planet,
and too many mindfull bodies,
without enough motivation,
to do anything constructive with their lives.
I despise these people,
in a way I can not verbally express.
My hatred for humanity
has reached an all time high.
I believe I am a higher power,
and a greater being,
than our all too common society.
Lately I have asked myself...
should I concede defeat,
and conform to our commercialist society?
Surely it would make my life ,
on this world easier to bear,
but when I get near my lowest moments,

I remember...

Why, I hate the world,
and everything, that is inside.
I remember why, that I despise...

Everything that is not I.
Ascend with me.

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